Untitled Muse



Use My Words

No matter who you are

No matter where you live

No matter what you believe

Or do not believe

To be true about life

And the things we do

The things we choose

Let my words

Be seen as a way

For you to see better

See brighter

Be free to be true to

Who you are

Who you want to be

No one determines what you will be when you leave

When you draw your last breath

You will not be able to blame anyone

For your faults

For your success

For what you’ve done with the precious gift

We all were given

With my present I give you

My words

Anything I say

Is what I’ve felt

Is what I’ve seen

Is what I’ve been

And what I’ve become

Full of bad decision

And good choices

Knowing about your darkness

That may haunt your dreams

Through my words

No matter what you were


Today you are someone

Today you are important

Today you are given a chance

To be what you would like to be

If you don’t have them to speak

Use my words

© Trina Lynne

Humanity Will Surely Prosper

If all the monies of the world

were put together.

And all those who call themselves rich

were to build together.

Naturally, humanity will surely prosper.

If all the countries of the world

Came together

And all the differences

were learned together.

Obviously, humanity will surely prosper.

If all the people

Rise together

Then humanity will surely prosper

If all embraced positivity

Grow together

And humanity will surely prosper.

If all the world’s resources

Were shared together

And all the news of the world

was told together

Humanity will surely prosper

Thought Provoking

Your eyes get me every time
First thing I see in my mind
Can’t get enough of your smile
Sit back and daydream a while
Your hands on the small of my back
It’s easy to feel you when I relax
Laughter echoes in my ear
Constantly wishing you were near
All the happiness you brought
It’s all embedded inside my thoughts
Never expected to fall so deep
Await to see you again when I sleep

When Is The Last Time

Bright Sky



When is the last time you allowed yourself to enjoy the natural beauty of this world?

When is the last time that you took time out of your busy day in order to smell some flowers?

When is the last time you closed your eyes and breathed in the air around you?

When is the last time that you took a long walk just to enjoy the elegance of the day?

When is the last time you pushed your issues aside to stare up at the clouds as they passed by?

When is the last time that you volunteered with the youth, the elderly or the needy in your town?

When is the last time you gave someone your shoulder to cry on or your ear to listen?

When is the last time that you forgot about your worries and gave in to someone else’s sorrow?

When is the last time you bought your loved ones a gift for absolutely no other reason but to let them know they were important?

When is the last time that you wrote a letter expressing how much you loved your significant other?

When is the last time you told your mother, father, sister, brother that you loved and appreciated them?

When is the last time that you told your children that you were proud of them and thankful for them?

When is the last time you swallowed your complaints about work in order to give it your best?

When is the last time that you stopped to give someone younger than you sound advice?

When is the last time you provided a sense of comfort for a neighbor in distress?

When is the last time that you realized that everything wasn’t about you and there are more important things in this world?

When was the last time? Tell me.

There’s A Lot Of Papers

There’s a lot of papers

In binders and folders

On piles and shelves

Filled and blank

Written or scribbled

Cursive letters

Transform print

Into verses and inquiries

Onto files and flash drives

Typed and saved

Shared or hidden

Elusive dreams

Brings reality

To just a girl

Writing her freedom

Tapping Into Memories

You don’t realize what you have forgotten until you’re forced to remember. ~TrinaLynne

As you all know, I have been working on my latest compilation of poetry entitled Just A Girl. The book contains poems that are autobiographical in nature, yet anyone can relate to them. At least, I hope so. 😉

Putting this book together requires daily meditation. Many memories from my younger years are vague and must be reconstructed. Others have been locked away never to see the light of day.

Each day, depending on the subject, I spend anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour reflecting. I close my eyes and allow my mind to wander to a place from the past. Sometimes the memory is clear and is immediately recognizable. Other times a memory is blurry or incomplete. In these situations, once I begin to focus in, the memory is confusing or startling.

There are so many things I forgot about, willingly and unwillingly. However, it has been a real eye opening experience. Some things I’m really proud of and some things I’m ashamed of, but all of it will be a part of the poetry I create.

I cannot wait for all of you to read Just A Girl. You won’t be disappointed and you may find yourself tapping into memories you thought were lost.

Until next time.

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Messing With My Muse

The Nor’easter is bringing amounts of snow that I cannot recall seeing in my 30 years of life. Each week, Philadelphia has had snow storms that produced over 8 inches for a bit over a month.

The storms are a great reason to stay indoors. Although I work from home, so I don’t technically get a snow day (even when power goes out).

Working on Just A Girl has posed a problem small problem. This past week, I’ve been working on the chapter about my grandma.

One of the things that is prominent when speaking of her is her love for her flowers. She maintained a community garden, won numerous awards, and was a member of the Philadelphia Horticulture Center. I loved learning about the many plants, flowers and trees that held her attention.

Throughout the week I have been trying to artistically create my grandmother’s garden. I want readers to see the daisies blowing in the breeze. I want them to smell the roses wrapped around the arch in the garden’s center. I want you to behold the amazingly colored marigolds.

Bringing the colors and smells to life is becoming more and more difficult when the only color I see when looking out the window is white. An exercise that seems to help is closing my eyes and forcing myself to remember the garden. Conjuring the memories were difficult at first, as my grandmother passed away when I was 16 years of age, but I kept trying. The exercise was helping but the snow started coming down again.

If I can pull off igniting a reader’s senses without a muse, I will do cartwheels in the snow. However, as of right now, the snow is a major bummer.

Until next time.

Next Up

Everyone knows that I have been struggling to figure out what my next book would be. There are 6 novels that could be chosen due to not wanting my second book to be poetry as my first was. I’ve gone back and forth over all the titles, hoping that one would speak louder than the others.

Friday evening, while flipping channels, I came across Beauty in Truth on American Masters which airs on PBS. This documentary was about the accomplished and beautifully spirited Alice Walker.

Learning more about Ms. Walker as a woman, mother and writer brought along deep thought. The entire program, ideas for the next publication kept coming to me. By the time it was over, I had come up with the title, cover design, chapters, and release date.

Long story short, this wonderful biography made me realize having poetry as my second book isn’t such a bad thing. There’s a bunch of junk in my closet and it is in need of serious organization. What better way to accomplish such a cleanup than with poetic verse.

Coming up with my next title, after months of trial and error, sent a certain emotional satisfaction over me. It seriously almost brought me to tears, which is why I knew this was the right decision.

So without further ado, the next title from TrinaLynne will be: Just a Girl to be released on March 21, 2014

It is my hope that you follow the progress of the book and gain an interest in it.

Until next time.

As a Child

As a child

you point to the sky

and let your imagination fly

Do you see

as the clouds float by

and form a man’s tie

Can you tell

there is an apple pie

and a bus to ride

As a child

you can see if you try

and believe without asking why

You Must Sleep

When the day ends

and night falls

There is little for one to do

Slumber should come easy

and simple rest

There is only a ceiling to view

Dreams are an escape

and lullabies flow

Nightmares are the shape of the shadows

One must find peace

and some ease

For life to progress you must sleep

A Poem Per Day

When trying to figure out what theme I wanted to go with for my poetry book, I wrote a lot of different poems. There are a variety of verses that I created that described my feelings about life and everything in it.

Since deciding the theme, I couldn’t figure out what to do with all the other poems I wrote. First, I pondered that I should wait until I released The Good, The Bad & The Ugly to see how well it did, and I could add the others to a later book.

Finally, I thought maybe it would be better if I shared them so all of you could see the journey I took to get to my final decision. So until the release of The Good, The Bad & The Ugly I will try to share a poem each day for all of you.

I believe you deserve a treat while you wait for the book to come out.

Until next time,

Peace & Blessings

Good, Bad & Ugly Contest

Entry Fee: $5.00 (USD) per poem

Participants can enter up to 6 poems

(Electronic submissions only)

Contest closes 11:59 p.m., August 23, 2013

Some days are filled with sunny skies, rainbows and butterflies. Others consist of the occasional rain cloud. Yet and still there are those day, that no one likes to talk about, filled with lightning strikes and destructive tornadoes.

Everyone has their good days, bad days and even ugly ones.

Write your best poem(s) describing a good, bad, or ugly day. Or you may want to talk about all three. The choice is yours.



Winners will be announced a week after contest closes.

Send electronic submissions to trinalynne.aei@hotmail.com

Poems will only be accepted once fee is received via PayPal.

If there are any questions or concerns, please send them via the contact form below.

Contest closes 11:59 p.m., August 23, 2013

I Bet You Think This Is About You

the people who played me

the people who saved me

the people who blamed me

the people who changed me

the people who fought me

the people who taught me

the people who deserted me

the people who converted me

the people who shoved me

the people who loved me

I thank you for your presence

and the part you played

negative or positive

You were an aid

And I was swayed

which means every story I tell

pass or fail

how I’ve grown to be

what I’ve come to see

spinning the wheel of fortune

or playing double jeopardy

I don’t mean this selfishly

but everything I write 

is all about me


Scraggly hair, dingy clothes

was the first thing I noticed about him

he leaned over me and said

do you mind if I walk with you

it came out of the blue

but in all fairness and truth

I politely said

that’s just fine

it would take no time

and walking with HIM was no crime

maybe because it was daylight

I felt so bold

to walk with a man such as he

and then freeze

as he entertained me

with subtle conversation

I looked into his eyes

and to my surprise

I knew his face

But I couldn’t place

where or who he was

through the kink in his hair

the glaze in his stare

this connection was rare

We walked slowly down the street

Didn’t care what people would think

The question came

what is your name

Alonzo, he said with a hush

It all came back in a rush

this was a little boy, when I was younger, I had a crush

My heart sank

further than normal empathy

I was hit with the reality

the man next to me was crazy

As he stopped to pace

two steps to the left

two steps to the right

two more steps to the left

look up, look down

than back at me

this repeated itself times 3

but his vulnerability I could see

speaking intelligently

about positives and negatives

that life brings

he looked in my eyes

and said nicely

if I asked, would you help me

I almost couldn’t breathe

Here was the little boy

who played little jokes when I was a kid

didn’t matter at all

the cutest light brown and tall

curly black hair, but now would I hear his call

before I could answer

he began to recite


two steps to the left

two steps to the right

two more steps to the left

look up, look down

than back to me

what should I do

as I watched him with sadness

and I said

I’ll do whatever I can

In me you have a friend

he nodded and gazed

then turned and went on his way

left me standing there

but I didn’t care

For the chance was rare

After that, I saw him occasionally

I would look at him frightfully

hoping I would be ready

if he asked for help

but he never really did

And when I decided

to help him without request

the need beat hard in my chest

just because he was homeless

I couldn’t treat him any less

than any human being

but I never saw him again

what happened and when

found out he used to be a serviceman

got beat up pretty bad

it was all really sad

made me even more mad

I could not find him

I don’t know where he went

Because of this I take his lesson with me

You’d be surprised what you can learn from someone deemed crazy

when I’m down and need a release


look to the left

look to the right

look back to the left

look up, look down

than back to me