Giving In to Snapchat

I’ve had Snapchat on my phone for over a year, but I don’t use it. For whatever reason, I’ve allowed the app to take up crucial data space 😂.

Nevertheless, as I start a HUGE marketing campaign, I see the value in an app that my kids navigate like nothing. And I want to match their social media energy. Especially if I want to pull off “Ambitious Endeavor” (See what I did there?).

So, as my faithful followers, fans, and friends, add me on Snapchat! Username: mstrinalynne

I can’t wait for you to see what’s in state for me, Ambitious Endeavors, and IMRD.

Peace & Blessings 🌹


#11 Writing Is… Cheaper Than Therapy

On average, Americans pay anywhere from $75 – $300 per hour for therapy services. Meaning for an hour session per week once a week for a year, on the minimal, will be about $3900. And please don’t need any type of medication to accompany your therapy. Those pricing can reach up to $12,000 per year with or without insurance.

Who has this kind of money?

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#10 Writing Is…

For many, writing is a personal part of self. They put their special touches and spins on stories, poetry, articles, so on and so forth.

For others, writing is not only personal, its private.

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#9 Writing Is…

In today’s world we use writing in the most creative of ways.

Each day we are using social media platforms to communicate with, not only our friends and family, but people from countries all over the world. Whether it be work related or common interest, we are connecting with each other and it is absolutely awesome.

Social media is not the only way we’re connecting. We have the capability of creating blogs and websites that get visitors far and wide. We are able to write articles that have a reach beyond local readership. We are able to show our support for, or against, all types of topics and categories.

We have the ability to become allies one with another regardless of who we are or where we come from.

There may be that girl or boy who feels alone in their little town. They may seem “different” to their peers and they just need to escape. Instead of hiding themselves away from the cruel world of those closest in proximity, they can venture out into the world and meet people just like them. Whether it’s their familial upbringing, their religion, their race, their sexuality, etc; it doesn’t matter. They can be connected.

Writing brings people together in a world where we may not have ever met otherwise.

#9 Writing Is...

#8 Writing Is…

Life is a constant celebration, even in times when it doesn’t seem so.

Through writing we can learn about the past, understand the present and try our hands at predicting the future. Although, that last one I wouldn’t readily recommend.

Regardless of where you want to place your writing, it is a celebration of things unknown until you put forth the words to write about it.

Whether it’s a story long ago past, something that you just witnessed or a land that may come some time soon; you are the guide for your readers and in such are celebrating that part of history.

So, stand up and give yourself a round of applause when you complete that article. Or better yet shout out a Woot! Woot! when you finish that blog post for your daily readers. You know, I even recommend doing a little happy dance when the first draft of that novel gets done.

Celebrate your work regardless of where it takes place or what stage of the writing process you’re in. You know why? Because you wrote it, duh! 🙂

#8 Writing Is... (1)

What is writing to you? Come on. Don’t be shy. I would love to know your perspective. Write me in the comment section. I’ll be sure to respond.


#7 Writing Is…

Amidst what happened in Orlando this weekend, so many things are being written. On multiple media outlets including mainstream and social, people are writing.

Unfortunately, in times like this many who write further the hatred that is spewed from the mouths of those less educated. It is so sad to see those in positions of power using such tragedies to further their agenda against certain people.

There is a silver lining.

Those of us who seek knowledge and truth can write against these people. Those of us who write to bring together people instead of tearing them apart can build bridges insurmountable by hate. Those of us who know that we are nothing if we don’t stand together to make sure that those who may be different from us do not suffer an unjust fate.

We are not judge, jury and executioner in any situation. It is not our duty. Our duty as people is to teach those who know not. Regardless if we agree or disagree with someone’s position; it does not give anyone the right to further hatred’s agenda.

#7 Writing Is...

What is writing to you? Come on, tell me. Share what you feel in the comment section. I’ll be sure to respond.


#6 Writing Is…

I don’t know about you but I never know what to say. Even in situations where I am pretty sure I’m saying the right thing, it never comes out the way I intended. Oftentimes, I find myself making things worse by trying to add more words than needed.

On the flip side, I am awesome at writing. It’s so much easier to say things this way. I have found myself writing a letter to someone I see every day just because I know I can show them better than I can tell them.

There are many people that have this same issue. Whether they just don’t know what to say or maybe they’re socially awkward. Nevertheless, writing out your thoughts, rereading and editing out the parts that make you sound like a bumbling idiot, is a welcome task rather than actually sounding like a bumbling idiot.

With that being said (written…lol)

#6 Writing Is...

What is writing to you? I would love to know. And maybe I can share what you think with everyone else. If that’s okay. 🙂




#5 Writing Is…

I’ve been doing these a few days, and I guess I should start explaining.

Writing is defined in so many ways to so many people. The countries, cities, towns and neighborhoods have always been able to thrive or fall with the use of words.

Depending on your definition, writing can be something super secret or something as mighty as the sword.

Regardless of how you look at it;writing is something to all of us.

Use it wisely.


#5 Writing Is...

What is writing to you? Let me know in the comments below. You never know. I may add your words to a graphic and share it with the world.

#4 Writing Is…

#4 Writing Is...

What is writing to you? Comment and share. I would love to hear from you.

#3 Writing Is…

#3 Writing Is...


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#2 Writing Is…

#2 Writing Is....


What is writing to you? Share and comment. We would love to hear from you.

#1 Writing Is…

Writing Is... #1


What is writing to you? Share with me in the comments.

An Open Letter

One voice

There is something to be said about being afraid to speak up. For many people, it is a matter of not rubbing certain folks the wrong way or looking bad in the eyes of people. For others, it is a matter of just not caring enough to say a word; saving their cares for their own lives.

As a writer, you have to find your voice.

For some writers it’s an easy task and for others it is quite difficult. Some mimic the voices of other writers in an effort to play it safe. And some carve their own path with the hopes that people will respect them for it.

In A Handbook for the Productive Writer, Bryan Collins writes, “When you write, take a stance. Have an opinion and pick a fight.”

“Be a heretic,” says Rob Booker, “The secret of heretic-ship is simple. Do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there.” (From Build a Tribe, Not a Business)

“Swing Your Slingshot”, Mary Fernandez states, “Creating an us versus them scenario builds solidarity and brings your tribe closer to you.” (From 9 Surefire Strategies for Standing Out in a Sea of Sameness)

If we’re going to do great work, it means that some people aren’t going to like it. ~Seth Godin (From Is Everyone Entitled to Their Opinion)

Many writers will tell you that being yourself is the best type of writer you can be. Having the willingness to use your words in a way that will make people take notice is a gift.

Even if you are not a writer, being able to stand and say what others may be thinking takes strength and courage.

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. ~Nelson Mandela

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. ~Helen Keller

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. ~Muhammad Ali

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. ~Paulo Coelho

These quotes and many others have inspired me in a way that I truly did not expect. There is always an apprehension when it comes to addressing particular subjects. I tend to rant and rave behind closed doors but never openly discuss what’s on my mind.

Then it happened.

I couldn’t sleep a little over a week ago, tossing and turning until my bed sheets were all over the place. Suddenly, I jumped up, grabbed my laptop and proceeded to type out what was keeping me awake.

The words flew out of me and onto the computer screen. Once done, I couldn’t have been more proud that I finally said some things I thought when no one was around.

For the next few days I took to editing and rewriting these strong feelings and emotions, molding them into just the right way. It took almost two weeks but ultimately it became the realest post I have ever written.

This post, which can be found on I Mean, Really Dude, is an open letter to many groups which have negative ideas. It is not with the intention to be malicious. It is, however, written with love and the hope that people will take heed.

One voice can change the world as long as it makes a sound. ~Trina Lynne


As Long As You Keep Going….

https://trinalynne.wordpress.comEver felt like throwing the towel in? Did you wake up one day and wonder, “What am I doing”? Have you ever worked so hard but felt like it was never enough?

If you have, you’re not alone.

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