#10 Writing Is…

For many, writing is a personal part of self. They put their special touches and spins on stories, poetry, articles, so on and so forth.

For others, writing is not only personal, its private.

Growing up, I had a diary and I know I wasn’t the only one. I’m more than sure that you had one too. Or would you prefer I called it a journal.

Whatever the name you use, the thoughts inside are your property and for your eyes only. How many of you would have had a heart attack if anyone got ahold of your private thoughts? I know I would have.

However, there is something I learned a long time ago about keeping thoughts completely private – I felt kind of lonely. You ever feel that way? Like you’re the only one in the world feeling what you’re feeling right now.

So I wouldn’t feel super alone, I started to release my words and thoughts into the universe. It was mostly to keep from bottling it all in. What I found, though, was many of the things I thought only affected me, bothered others in their own ways.

Eventually, I stopped sharing my writings as a way to get them out of my system and more of a way to help others.

You would be surprised how many people will take your words and completely vibe with you. In some scenarios it helps them understand friends and family where they felt previously disconnected. Mostly, it helps them understand and process their own feelings and emotions.

So, while you’re writing in that journal and feel uneasy about what’s on the page, remember there may be someone out there battling with the same things. Who knows? You may just feel a bit better about your subject matter once you share.

No pressure. Sharing is at your own discretion.

#10 Writing Is...



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