#9 Writing Is…

In today’s world we use writing in the most creative of ways.

Each day we are using social media platforms to communicate with, not only our friends and family, but people from countries all over the world. Whether it be work related or common interest, we are connecting with each other and it is absolutely awesome.

Social media is not the only way we’re connecting. We have the capability of creating blogs and websites that get visitors far and wide. We are able to write articles that have a reach beyond local readership. We are able to show our support for, or against, all types of topics and categories.

We have the ability to become allies one with another regardless of who we are or where we come from.

There may be that girl or boy who feels alone in their little town. They may seem “different” to their peers and they just need to escape. Instead of hiding themselves away from the cruel world of those closest in proximity, they can venture out into the world and meet people just like them. Whether it’s their familial upbringing, their religion, their race, their sexuality, etc; it doesn’t matter. They can be connected.

Writing brings people together in a world where we may not have ever met otherwise.

#9 Writing Is...


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