#7 Writing Is…

Amidst what happened in Orlando this weekend, so many things are being written. On multiple media outlets including mainstream and social, people are writing.

Unfortunately, in times like this many who write further the hatred that is spewed from the mouths of those less educated. It is so sad to see those in positions of power using such tragedies to further their agenda against certain people.

There is a silver lining.

Those of us who seek knowledge and truth can write against these people. Those of us who write to bring together people instead of tearing them apart can build bridges insurmountable by hate. Those of us who know that we are nothing if we don’t stand together to make sure that those who may be different from us do not suffer an unjust fate.

We are not judge, jury and executioner in any situation. It is not our duty. Our duty as people is to teach those who know not. Regardless if we agree or disagree with someone’s position; it does not give anyone the right to further hatred’s agenda.

#7 Writing Is...

What is writing to you? Come on, tell me. Share what you feel in the comment section. I’ll be sure to respond.



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