Use My Words

No matter who you are

No matter where you live

No matter what you believe

Or do not believe

To be true about life

And the things we do

The things we choose

Let my words

Be seen as a way

For you to see better

See brighter

Be free to be true to

Who you are

Who you want to be

No one determines what you will be when you leave

When you draw your last breath

You will not be able to blame anyone

For your faults

For your success

For what you’ve done with the precious gift

We all were given

With my present I give you

My words

Anything I say

Is what I’ve felt

Is what I’ve seen

Is what I’ve been

And what I’ve become

Full of bad decision

And good choices

Knowing about your darkness

That may haunt your dreams

Through my words

No matter what you were


Today you are someone

Today you are important

Today you are given a chance

To be what you would like to be

If you don’t have them to speak

Use my words

© Trina Lynne

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