Peaches & Goober

I wanted to be just like Peaches

With tons of friends

and countless amounts of men

trailing over her every word

alas, I was too much of a nerd

I tried to mimic her laugh

She was a genius of arts & crafts

Her confidence I wish I had

If she even noticed me I’d be glad

She had the most gorgeous long nails and pretty hair

All I could ever do was stare


I wanted Goober to look up to me

Come to me for advice

Protect her no matter the price

Be the type of girl she’d follow

and go wherever I go

Make her laugh at nothing at all

and never allow her to fall

She would be proud of the things I do

Help her with homework and tie her shoes

She was fine on her own

Even worse now that we’re grown


Peaches and Goober have a bond

They always had each others’ back

If one fell off, the other picked up the slack

Each grew in total independency

Instead of two of them, I wish it were us three

I wish I could just be a part

Though I love them with all my heart

There comes a time when you realize

Things won’t change, no matter how much you apologize

I must regretfully accept

My past they will never forget

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