I Am But A Human

I am but a human

Who makes mistakes

But each I own

Without prejudice

Taken as learning experiences

That make me stronger

Make me wiser

I am but a human

Who doesn’t do everything right

But tries to right every wrong

Without hesitation

Taken as a building block

Towards change

Towards the future

I am but a human

Who may go the wrong direction

But finds the path

Which leads

To success

To forgiveness

I am but a human

Who has many flaws

But doesn’t use them as a crutch

Which could cripple my efforts

Standing firm in belief

Standing vigilant to further error

I am but a human

Who does not condone excuses

But faces trial head on

Willing to keep going

In my failures

In my successes

I am but a human

3 thoughts on “I Am But A Human

  1. Liked the repetition. At the same time, it felt like you were trying to convince yourself that you were human by the usage of repetition. But I like that. No human is perfect and it’s difficult to handle when people think there is such a thing as perfection.
    Loved this.


    • The repetition is to convince me, the writer, and the reader that we ARE just humans. I agree, no one is perfect. It is a very sad misconception that there is a such thing as perfection. I appreciate your reading and hope you visit again soon.


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