YOU (Enough)

Everyone tells me I shouldn’t care

I don’t have to be there for YOU

Nor do I have to give YOU anything

Gift and a curse about myself

I hope and wish the best for others

Regardless of past misdeeds

I pray and hope so hard

That YOU’ll get it

And while I don’t wish bad

I have no obligations to YOU

YOU took everything and YOUr cheating out of control

YOU broke my spirit and took my soul

Damn near broke my nose

I fought with YOU and through YOUr lies

Have insecurities because of YOU

Got married and had all the kids for YOU

Against my better judgment

I’ve paid enough

I gave enough

Try to bully me into doing for YOU

I’m done trying to be nice to YOU

No longer scared of YOU

Say what YOU want

Divorced YOU for a reason

Punish me by not caring for our kids

Only do things here and there

YOU try to look good

By making me look bad

I’m here every day for my babies

While YOU’re off playing house

Becoming a real rolling stone

And come to me when YOU fuck up


Expecting me to be YOUr rock

The sad misconception I’m still YOUr wife

I’ve helped YOU enough

YOU’ve gotten away with it long enough

And it does nothing but break me

YOU have a responsibility to these sweet babies

Not hurting me

YOU’re hurting them

So shallow and baseless

Get YOUrself together

I have no sympathy for the douche bags of the world

And YOU’re the president

I no longer fear YOU

Or anyone YOU want to call

No one wants this battle

Let me live my life

YOU live YOUrs

Everyone’s right

I owe YOU nothing

YOU’ve taken enough

YOU owe the kids everything

YOU can give it freely

Or I’ll just take it from YOU

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