How Do We

How do we do it

How do we pretend that the damage hasn’t been done

The pain is still there

But we cling to each other

Breathe one another

When all the while we suffer inside

Divulging our feelings only when ferocious waves

Of deep blues

And dark grays roll in

Then is when we tell how we’re hurt

Saying how we were disappointed in some way

Raising voices then calming things down

Apologies coming from both of us

Knowing that the technicalities do not matter

At this junction we fight to not face the truth

We hide behind the knowledge that we

Hurt each other

At some point

In some way

A few infractions

Had us going separate directions

But we could feel the air leaving our lungs

As we parted ways

It was safe to say

We loved each other

More than anyone could love another

Our pasts preceded us

The destruction done

And now

Only way is up

But we are stuck

Going day by day

Certainly uncertain of what we could be

In everyone else’s reality

We never were

However we know

In our reality

We were and are perfect

With all the negatives

And all the positives

How do we love us

How do we hold on to what is us


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