Take A Moment To Myself

I will take a moment  to myself

before I go there

cuz when we go there

it’s a barrage of the unnecessary

yelling and fighting isn’t necessary

when there are so many other things

our minds are occupied on other things

I will take an hour to myself

before I make something little, big

cuz I know it’s not big

bitchin’ and moanin’ isn’t the answer

need to step back and figure out the answer

we’ve blamed each other enough

I know that our love is enough

That is why

I will take a day to myself

before I add to you my burden

cuz I wouldn’t want you to add burden

thinking and remember all the good

we’ve always made things all good

misunderstanding is not going to break our bond

we’ve worked too hard to build our bond

Once I take a moment

or an hour

or a day

I will always come back to you

if need be, talk it out with you

Cool heads always prevail

Our love will always prevail

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