I’m A Mom

I’m a mom

I don’t need any motivation

or special awards to do my job

I don’t need a party

or my praises to be sung to know I try my best

I don’t need high fives

or a pat on the back to be on top of my game

I’m a mom

I get up early and stay up late to make sure

my children have the best of and from me

I hang out with them every day

and I pray for them every night

I’m there for every smile and every tear

for every triumph and every set back

I’m a mom

This is what I do and am PROUD to be

My world and my life revolve around my children

As it should

I’m a mom

Not once a week, once a month or once a year

or when it benefits me

or to show off to those who know not the truth

I’m a mom

every second of every minute of every hour

every day of every month of every year

for the rest of my life

I’m a mom

Nothing more

and damn sure nothing less

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