Adversity is my worst enemy

It’s not a friend to me

No matter what I try to be

There’s no end to the tunnel that I can see

It’s a catastrophe

Damn near blasphemy

The way I allow dead ends to effect me

Should be a felony

Getting burned by this hell in me

Dreaming of a world as sweet as a pretty melody

Sedated by so many painful memories

Trapped in a state of misery

Needing to get down on bended knees

Pray for my security

And strive for serenity

Before I lose my sanity

2 thoughts on “Adversity

  1. Adversity is a bully of me. An enemy only someone with with common sense and their eyes wide open have the ability to see.

    I love it when I read what you write and can feel every word that you say.


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