As a woman

As a woman, I have women-like tendencies

You know – emotional and sometimes a little too head strong

Believing that without you there will always be me

That I am too empowered to really need a counterpart

Designating past failed relationships on the present one who has my heart

Wanting to struggle for power from the one who relinquishes power to me

I can do it all by myself

With no assistance from the one Allah has brought to me

Stuck in my ways instead of intertwining with another

The attitude that pushes people away, so it’s like why even bother

But as a woman, it’s not about the typical allowance of shame

In showing that while I hurt from things done

I need the one that consoles me

The cycle has to end jumping into situations too fast

Now you have the results and scars that will forever last

My duty as a woman is to be protected by a true man

Who will do no harm and in return I protect all he has

Caring for current and future children

Being supported in every positive action by the one who holds me dear

Truly knowing that past mistakes will not interfere

With what I know to be true as a woman

The balance of man and woman is a part of life

A partner is needed to handle this world’s fury

Realizing my sometimes self-centered ways

Could take the one I love one of these days

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