I am peacefully disturbed

nonviolent to the masses

but strike if I’m perturbed

I am passive in my aggression

displaying unassertive actions

yet take control of any session

I am happy to cry

believing in the people

and doubt ’em at the same time

I am honest at being misleading

laying it on the line

while my word you’ll be needing

I am obviously mysterious

giving of myself to teach a lesson

but being unknown has me far from delirious

I am alert in my carelessness

realizing each and every fault

and recklessly clear it from my conscience

I am calm to madness

remaining serene

while my storm brings sadness

I am gifted at being uninspired

trusting in my craft

yet more knowledge is required


2 thoughts on “Oxymoron

  1. Aye Mommy! OMG I finally read it. It’s good. I like the fact that you’re “peacefully disturbed”. My friend likes it too.

    love you mommy 🙂


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