I want to take it all in

Admiring your beauty

Holding you in my hands

Astonished at the weight of you

Bringing you close to my lips

Easing my tongue to get a taste of you

Flavors colliding on my tongue

Savoring each lick as if it were the last

Gently sopping up all of your wetness

As you melt I follow the trails of your juice

Sinking my teeth into the structure of you

How messy my fingers are

As I devour every last bit of you

Enjoying you right down to the last bite

Man, that ice cream cone was delicious

3 thoughts on “Delicious

  1. Aye mommy. Me and my best friend, Tatyana, were reading this and we were dying when we read the last line lol. She said it was hilarious. We want to know what kind of ice cream it was. lol

    -I love you mommy


    • Lol. I’m glad ya’ll like it. It was meant to be funny. I laughed for a few minutes after I wrote it. Use your imagination for the flavor. I can tell you it was a waffle cone. lol.
      -I love you too hun. Thanks for supportig me.


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