Fingers run through hair and a few strands are left on hands

Ears filled with sound but cannot answer the demands

Feet walk until they can move no more

Made plenty of shots, just can’t seem to score

Legs have become stiff from running no where

Inhaling deeply but can’t smell the air

Shadows mimic the darkest night

Eyes wide open but can’t see the light

From this nightmare, must be awakened

Fear so paralyzing the soul is shaken

Not knowing the direction to commence

Standing still in the heat of suspense

Waiting for any type of sign

Unaware of all hints of time

6 thoughts on “Idle

  1. I love the poem and I always injoy reading all the poems. I would love for you and other poets you know to come Out to Sweeties Healing though Spoken Word on April 7,11 12th and Green Street 2nd fl. 7pm to 11pm please come out and share your words with use.


    • I’m so glad you enjoy the poetry I put forth. I will gladly stop by Healing Through Spoken Word. It sounds awesome. I will also pass the info along to my fellow poets. Keep reading.
      Peace & Blessings


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