The need for validation from others

Too afraid of validating self

Hiding from choices that need to be made

Behind the choices one wants to make

So what’s more important

Needing to be ones’ self through the eyes of others

Or being who you are in spite of others


Just may be that the fear is so big

So powerful

Scared of making the wrong decisions

Breeding like-mindedness by consulting with others

Refusing to have a conversation with self

Deciding amongst yourself what’s best

But fearing the worst

Afraid someone may see you for who you are

So you play the part of what others want you to be

Conforming to the likeness of the masses

Debating your worldly fate

With those who have their best interest in mind

While they may mean well

Their advice is based on what they think is best

What do you think

Have a consensus with self

Look in the mirror

Or is it that the reflection isn’t to your liking

So you value yourself through people

Because of your self-disgust

Who is to blame

Only ones’ self

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