The world is filled with hate

Constant conflict with things that should be simple debate

Committed to starting a clean slate

By making the same terrible mistakes

Condescending to the “little people”

Denying them necessities – money is the root of all evil

Everyone wants it – money, power, respect

Many have become its victim in retrospect

Wars are being fought with the use of public wealth

Beating up on other ’cause their not like everyone else

Media bias tells us what they want us to hear

They play on and thrive off the people’s fears

Justifying unnecessary reactions

To justify another unnecessary action

Why can’t we all just get along

Repeating history like a teenager’s favorite song

Trying to be a little more subtle with the discrimination

It’s okay to burn the Quran because that’s the fear of this generation?

At one point the derogatory use of nigger was okay too

Offenses that surpass what Hitler did to the Jews

There are people starving in every country

The powerful are vacationing out of country

There’s not enough who care and want better for everyone

Selfishness is culprit number one

Life should be comfortable and simple

But there’s always someone fighting like it’s puberty pimples

The “Stop The Hate” and “Stop The Bullying” campaigns aren’t just for kids

It goes for people of all races, religions, and ages

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