I Don’t Care

I don’t care

not because I don’t actually care

but because I can’t care

Caring means

my thoughts go to what’s going on

and I don’t get anything done

wondering what’s up with you

hoping this is something we can get through

instead of acting oblivious and having some fun

I come back to where I begun


I don’t care

not because I’m mean or cold-hearted

but because I’m exhausted

Caring means

fighting ’bout things that don’t matter

got me crazy like the Mad Hatter

spending time and energy on nothing

while you explain its worth something

then I’m yanking my hair out

wanting to curse you out

You know what

I don’t give a fuck

mostly because this shit has got to cease

also because I’m fed up

going back and forth over dumb shit

And ignoring the time to share with

This is all about you and me

and not how imperfect it could be

trying hard to overlook and do what’s right

who the fuck wants to argue every night

the bs has tap danced too hard on my nerves

if we can’t get it together, then better we deserve

So now

I don’t care

I don’t give a fuck

not because I don’t like you

but because I love you

enough to leave you

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