Freedom Of Speech

We have freedom of speech

so that means

any ignorant person

can say whatever ignorant things

and if you’re in a position of power

its quite all right

but if you’re a regular person

you may just get ripped a new one

There is such a color and class line

that our media potrays

filtered by the people who

run our government

Oops! I can’t say that

cuz I’ll bring attention to myself

But its free speech

Or is it?

Free speech is about honesty

and honestly

everyone lies


privately they are being truthful

believing the press conferences

and interviews

where they say what they want

but they stop us from opening up

Whoops! There I go again

Talking out loud


They do it

I want to be down

Don’t you wanna be honest

Freedom of speech


My hand is raised

Pick me

I got something to say

Yelling from my rooftop

I’m a Muslim

ain’t never been a terrorist a day in my life

the way Islam is defamed wouldn’t that make you the terrorists

I’m black

we’ve been held back for years one way or another

doesn’t that make you the oppressors

I’m a woman

just because I cover I’m a ninja – I don’t do kung-fu

worrying more about my body, doesn’t that make you perverted

If it doesn’t apply, let it fly

But I’ll be accused of  being rude

for accusing others of being rude

Freedom of speech

Put me on an interview

I’ll tell you how I feel

But you don’t want that

censor all those who

see the game that’s being played

and our freedom is at stake

Millions of words to honestly say

But we’re only allowed to use a few

Freedom of speech?

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