The one word to describe

the feelings I have inside

Bottled up all in one

Trying my best

to overlook the flaws

I’m just appalled

that we can’t get

through the little things

The past got us hooked

Knew what it was before we looked

and we’re fighting

Damaging each other with our words

Volatile creatures we are

Knowing in the end you’ll still be a star

Shining brightly

No one above but Allah and our kids

that we don’t even share

I can smell marriage in the air

But we come back

to this crazy thing

of unnecessary fighting

It would be so exciting

just to eliminate it completely

Things would roll on

So fed up we can’t get it together

get beyond the stormy weather

Starting to want you to move on

and I do the same

If I’m not the best for you

I still want the best for you

But you hold on

and I come back

This back and forth is insane

confused, tired of the rain

Irked by the madness

Disappointed in the short comings

just to have the ability

to realize and see

the nonsense is dumb

We’re better than this

Could live in true bliss

But until then

Just frustrated

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