Back And Forth

I knew him.

Does that justify things?

We even dated.

Where is the logic in this?

Were intimate with one another.

Should this have made everything right?

Bred a child together.

Why is my button flying off my pants?

He left mother and child.

What’s the reasoning for forcing me on the bed?

I moved on and took care on my own.

Who told you I wanted this?

He promised to give me assistance after time lost.

Could you really be fighting me?

Just wanted to believe him.

Is this all you cared for?

I gave blind trust.

When is this type of violation okay?

Tears rolled down my face.

Who deserves to be attacked like this?

I used to love him.

Where was anyone to make this stop?

We spent a couple of years together.

Why is he inside of me?

I just wanted to run.

Do the laws change cuz I know this perpetrator?

He ignored my screams.

What do I have to do to get away?

Catapulted from his grasp.

Why is he now chasing me?

Forgot about the dog.

Why am I trapped here?

He wouldn’t let me leave.

What is he holding me here for?

My screams of, “You Raped Me!!!” unanswered

Did he just say don’t tell anyone?

Promises of silence.

Could the door be opening?

Ran as fast as I could.

Am I going in the right direction?

He used to be a good guy.

Where am I gonna go?

I just wanted to forget it.

Why shouldn’t I tell someone?

Everyone says call the cops.

Would I be wrong for telling what he did?

He denied the accusations.

Why is he doing this to me?

Judge said, “Not Guilty.”

Does that mean he gets away with it?

I went into depression.

Why does no one believe me?

He’s called every year since.

When will he admit it all to the world?

Apologies flow from his lips.

Does he really think his words affect me?

I’m haunted by it once in a while.

Could he be haunted too?

We know what happened.

Would I be wrong to still want him to pay for it?

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