He would cheat

And I got beat

He would lie

And I got a black eye

He had the hoes

And I had a bloody nose

He would trip

And I got a busted lip

He would come home late

And I got all his hate

He went to all the parties and events

And I barely had any friends

He’d be gone for days without being home

And when he returned expected me to moan

He ran the streets

And my sanity would slowly deplete

He wanted all the kids

And I was left alone by their cribs

He was favored by his and my families

And I got lectured on the better wife I should be

He tortured my mind, body, and soul

And they say I’m the one out of control

He kept me in an eight year marriage, five years too long

And to this day they say for leaving him I was wrong

6 thoughts on “Irony

  1. I wondered for a long time when this story would happen. (Or when it would be posted) you remember more then I ever would have. I like.


    • Funny, this is a vague account of all I went through. There is way more to the story; way more to write; and way more to post. I’ve been waiting for the nerve to put it all out there. Glad you like.


  2. Wow, this could be me, but I wasn’t married to my first baby’s daddy. I got all the abuse as in this poem. When my son turned one and he realized we were fighting and not playing I left. I didn’t want to raise him in an environment like that. The funny thing is, my son’s dad died because of an ill-fated relationship he had years later in his life. Same scenario, but this time he killed the girl and went to jail and died while there. (And yes, I had to forgive him for what he put me through, but that’s the way it goes, thank God for His Wisdom)


    • First, I am 100% happy you got out of your abusive relationship for the sake of your son. Unfortunately, my children saw and heard the abuse for a while before I could manage to leave. Not because I didn’t want to go, but couldn’t afford to. I forgave him after time and through the poetry I put forth I gradually allow myself to let it go. The Verbal and physical abuse effected me mentally and is partially to blame for the severity of my bipolar. Everything happens for a reason though.
      Glad you could relate.


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