I Never Felt So Free

When my ex said he would finally divorce me.

 You don’t understand, I never felt so free.

 You see,

 We were separated for years

 Got rid of the pain and tears.

 Got our own lives and relationships.

 But its what we used to have that he holds onto

 No matter what we individually do

 I couldn’t truly fall in love cuz he wouldn’t let me go

 But now when I get a special man in my life he will know

 that he has me completely

 I can start off fresh and be very refreshed

 at the fact that I can think without someone else still controlling my life

 I was still a wife

 to a man who was with someone else that he adores

 What were we still married for

 As I begged to move on and he has the best of both worlds.

 A legal wife and a loyal girl

 It was crazy.

 I told him all the time start anew

 You can fall in love again too.

 Don’t come back where there’s hurt and pain

 Go for something where you can build and be happy again

 Its was about time

 You live your life and I live mine

 Don’t worry about me, I’ll be just fine.

 He finally saw what I was trying to say

 All these years that led to that day

 It was like a weight had been lifted

 In these words neatly gifted.

 He said he would finally divorce me

 I never felt so free

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