Why do you have to be so greedy

Never satisfied, always needy

My time is precious but I give you what I can spare

You’re too busy thinking of yourself to notice or care

Even though I have plenty of things to do

You want me to totally focus on you

Have you even spent a moment thinking about me

And how I try to give you even a smidge of what you want me to be

It’s never quite good enough

Too busy talking bout how you have it tough

You go as far as to imply I’m self-centered

I let you know what it was when you entered

You wanna know what I hate on top of all this

If I bring any of this up you’ll say your intentions I missed

Things like ‘didn’t mean it like that’ and ‘I’m just spittin’ the truth’

But I know when someone is actin’ like a douche

Take this advice into account

I don’t have to give you my time even if its little amounts

So either accept what I can manage or kick rocks

One thing I can’t manage is someone who doesn’t take my sacrifices into stock

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