Scatterbrained & All

I want to thank everyone for their comments on the recent poetry I have posted. Your support means so much to me.

All these poems come from so many different aspects of me. Each verse I write has some meaning. I also have a need to see if anyone has felt the way I have at some point – past, present and future.

It’s a tool I use to release pieces of myself and cause conversation. Being bipolar is a lonely feeling because you’re all over the place. Yet when others find some similarity or identification in what I say makes me feel less isolated. It’s an up hill battle that I happily share with everyone.

Funny thing is, I tend to get scared of showing my work. It’s terrifying to know that other people will realize how honestly scatterbrained I am. Even with this post I feel anxious and apprehensive.

 I try not to let those feelings get to me. The peace and freedom it brings trumps those negative emotions though. A little at a time.

Truthfully, the more of me I show, the more confident I become. Which of course makes me super happy. I owe myself and all of you the experiences that have brought me to this stage.

Let’s face it, I’m all over the place but my work is the same way. My poetry is the beginning but there are so many more styles and genres that I explore. With each of my personalities I have different likes that branch all subject matter.

My fears are letting go and I’m pushing parts of me to the surface. In a way it’s like I’m cleaning out a big closest filled to the ceiling. Most of the stuff I’m throwing out and replacing it with a more organized situation.

So I appreciate all the kind words. It helps with the progression.

More writings to come. 😉



2 thoughts on “Scatterbrained & All

  1. Scatter Me

    Peace! Speaking from the point of me, I know how this feels since the age of 12 years old not knowing anything about anything but knowing it all, feeling scared and confused, taped up and misused to yourself, feeling alone and not blending in, but blending in as being numb, analyzing it all, six sense you down the hall. Smart as hell but to others they don’t know what goes on inside you, they don’t get you, hell you don’t get you. Darkness seem to creep on you, its just you and no one else in a big hole trying to dig out with a plastic straw mean while you are in quick sand and metal protects the outer layer of the big hole that you are trapped in. Still you dig no process.

    All over the place, your mind never stopping for a rest, your just on overload all the time, Sweat remains to roll off your elbow all you want to do is just give up but the strength in your mental wont allow you to end the end of you. The smiles of you become uncomfortable crowded when change crowds your space. Climbing out of you needing to see something new, people just won’t get it, your past put you to your present your creations, inventions or talents will take you to your future.

    I know I sit in this mental state everyday. I’m still fighting to continue to keep moving through my scatter brain, every pick and bruise I will shine it off take my meds and cup of therapy me, writings of the ink you see will guide me all the way to the end of my, last of my one way street.

    God will carry for he did not bless things upon us that we can’t handle, manage or bury. Let our footsteps be at easy and our mind trouble be laid down with please. So scatter my brains all over the world and let every one see me. For I am Bi polar and I love me.

    Written By: Locksofapoet Saunders 12/3/10


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