Me, You, We

I want you

And I’m needing you everyday

in every way

I breathe you

Inhaling you is quite not enough

needing your touch

You complete me

Don’t know what to do

when I’m not with you

You need me

Your desire is there

I’m very aware

We learn love

Didn’t come at first

now we know our worth

We seek trust

Been hurt times before

just want something more

I am here

This will never change

with no titles exchanged

You are there

Supportive ’til the end

no greater friend

We will last

Through the tests of time

my friend and I

8 thoughts on “Me, You, We

  1. Very nice! The words pull you right in and don’t let go. Even when you’re done reading it. Particularly if one has experienced in some form or fashion what’s being said. ♠


  2. I really endured every word and felt every word, you are truly an amazing artist never put your pen down only to change pens and then to finish your masterpiece. Much peace will shine every so brightly upon your pages.


    • Thank you so much for the kind words. My pen is attached to my hand at all times, thinking and jotting down whatever compells me. You are also an amazing artist and I appreciate you seeing the gift I have. Thank you again.


  3. I used to feel this way about someone….this is extremely deep and passionate. I can feel the intimacy of each line in this and I now feel compelled to read the rest of your work. Thanks for exposing me to this. 🙂


    • Thank you so much. The entire poem signifies the raw and real feelings of a relationship from each individual and then coming together as one. The ending is peace due to the key element that goes beyond even the trust factor and that’s friendship.


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